Keys in the tantric massage we don’t know

Hidden keys in the tantric massage


The tantric massage offers a new and delicious perspective over what pleasure and the state of welfare mean. It combines desirable sensations and therapeutically effects. Therefore helps experiencing elevated and controlled energies and emotions which may lead to great pleasure. Due to all these components that are part of a good tantric massage, we can speak about its complexity.

The complexity of the tantric massage comes from all the aspects that it consists of:

  • the techniques and the ways of the massage itself
  • the state created in the being of the person receiving the massage
  • the ambiance created for the massage
  • the qualities of the masseuse
  • the certain purpose of the  tantric massage
  • and many more .


Difference between must-have aspects and keys in the tantric massage

Some aspects of the tantric massage are like must-have in such an action. Here we can think about the qualities of the masseuse, some certain skills she should possess. But other aspects are truly keys in the tantric massage. These rather keys of the tantric massage make it reaches its best level. They are, at the same time, specifications of the tantric massage which emphasize certain aspects: self-abandon, self-giving, mystery.

The difference between must-have aspects of the massage and the keys is that the must-have aspects make a massage to be what it intends to be, a real tantric massage and, secondly, the keys determine the quality of the massage. The keys are the aspects on which when we insist, we can be sure to achieve the best benefits in realizing the massage.

Sensuality in a tantric massage

Among the must-have aspects of the tantric massage we can enumerate the sensuality and the beauty of the masseuse. Also we must mention her skills in realizing the massage of course.

These are not keys of the massage!

These aspects are very normal to be found there, they are not some extra aspects which may or may not be found in the tantric massage, as the key aspects are.


Without a sensual and beautiful masseuse ready to enchant the guest with her harmonious energies accompanied by her great skills, a tantric massage couldn’t take place.

In this case, the guest is not motivated to call for such a masseuse, missing these qualities. Also a special ambiance with obscure light and soft music is a must-have in a tantric massage.

Other keys of the tantric massage

The keys in the tantric massage may be aspects not so obvious for those who do not search for them on purpose, but when they are present there, they make the guest wonder himself why everything seems so perfect there, so special and even magic.


Magic is a distinctive note of a tantric massage, one of the aspects that differentiate this type of massage among the others. It is a key in the tantric massage. It results from the sacred attitude of the masseuse, the special and even magic ambiance she creates for that sacred place in which the massage will take place.


This attitude of the masseuse comes from the fact that working with people’s energies, especially with the most powerful or intimate ones, is a very serious and important issue, so the best attitude is required. This sense of sanctity of the therapeutically and almost magical act of massage taking place is another key of the tantric massage.

Elevating the energies awaken by the masseuse is one of the purposes in the tantric massage. But aiming constantly in alchemizing them in energies with higher frequencies should be considered as another key of this type of massage.


When all this keys mentioned here are achieved in a tantric massage, we can be sure that the result is the best one possible and the guests, enchanted without being always able to explain it, will desire to return as soon as possible.

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