Secrets of female orgasm

Men often say they do not know much about women. But if they learn about women from several points of view, this response would be more in their favor. Woman has been endowed by nature with erotic experiences that depend on man during sex. So the man has an important role in the overall satisfaction of a woman in bed and needs to know some tantric secrets.
Knowing the types of female orgasm opens a broad and complex perspective on sexuality man. The variety of erotic feelings in women is very high, and knowledge of diversity and especially the depths of each individually helps man to better understand human nature and role of sexuality.
It should be noted also that happiness in love can not be lived only if two of them have a real fulfillment. The types of female orgasm in the following list were classified in terms of the area which is predominantly stimulated during intercourse.

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1. Clitoral Orgasm,
As the name suggests is achieved by stimulating the external area of ​​the vagina, especially the clitoris.
The clitoral orgasm occurs so-called “tent effect” described by Masters and Johnson, which lies in the rise of the uterus in the abdomen and deep vaginal dilation. The resulting shape of the vagina is a tent upside down.
According to Eastern tradition TAO clitoral orgasm is connected with predominant moon energy, Yin and therefore women who experience only this form of orgasm develop in their being a large excess of Yin energy with all the consequences that arise later. The energy of this type of orgasm is particularly difficult to control both women and man.
This form of orgasm may be correlated with other forms of orgasm such as, for example vaginal, resulting clitorido vaginal orgasm.

2. Vaginal Orgasm has two distinct forms:
– Lower vaginal orgasm is induced by stimulating the perineum area to the entrance to the vagina. This type of orgasm is difficult to control because of the very strong dynamic scaling of vital energies.
It occurs mostly during sexual intercourse made without continence. It is characteristic of beings that have great vitality untapped
– Deep vaginal orgasm (normal) appears after excitation of the vaginal area, the longer and more complex than the other two discussed so far. It is manifested by vaginal stronger and clearer contractions and is accompanied by a considerable discharging of sexual fluids, in case of sex without continence. Energy amplification is related to Yang type of energy, the women and the couple having a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, the lack of adequate training of men, most women do not get to live this form of orgasm in a lifetime.

4. G Orgasm is generated by stimulating the G-spot, located on the front of the vagina. The G-called spot was located by Graffenberg of all women examined at about 2.5 cm from the external vaginal orifice (opening) on ​​the anterior wall of the vagina, just behind the pubic bone. It is considered a vestige point G form to the female equivalent of male prostate having the same embryological origin. Type G Orgasm creates a state of satisfaction and is quite intense but, as the lower vaginal, is harder to control and sublimate. G-spot can not be achieved from the usual erotic positions. The most widespread is the position in which the woman is lying on the back or feet position where they remain above the shoulders of her lover. To achieve the easiest point G are the positions where penetration is on the back. When this type of orgasm is sublimated is useful for boosting certain vital energies into being.
For normal women sexual orgasm G-type is accompanied by a feeling of urgency to expel urine through the urethra and a liquid whose composition is identical to that of male sperm, except sperm.

5. Cervico uterine orgasm is the deepest and most complex, but quite rare. When vaginal stimulation is strong enough deep and prolonged, the energy goes up to the cervix and the belly, transforming it into a series of vibration long and gentle that spread like a nectar very pleasant the whole body and especially to the head. These waves sometimes induce a kind of orgasm outside the body, which can eventually lead to some form of ecstasy, its energy can be felt, and outside the body as a sphere of fluid force. This orgasm can be controlled almost by itself allowing higher touch of states of consciousness. Sometimes to unlock this form of orgasm, the woman needs to take certain positions favorable enabling a deep penetration.
Cervico uterine orgasm requires very deep penetration, rhythmic, a rhythm which is the same with the interior one of the woman. In order to be started easily, it is necessary from the point of view of the size of the sexual organs that there is compatibility between the two. Emotional background that appears on this type of orgasm is relaxed, full of tenderness. The introduction of this type of orgasm from the man asks some solar and, related to this, a sexual energy and mental control. The most important condition to achieve this type of orgasm remains the harmony of the two lovers and of course, their vital energy. It’s good for both of us to learn to control our sex muscles, our sexuality, and our response to deep erotic arousal.