The control of the ejaculation

After you learned to control your breath and the sex muscles, it is time for some specific techniques for controlling the ejaculation when you are in the highly aroused state.
It is good to know that the more you practice the faster you will obtain the overcoming of the point of no return.

First technique is THE STOPPING:
It is very important to feel your body, to be very familiar with it and to be very much aware of the moment when you think you will ejaculate. Well, this is the time when you need to focus and STOP. Many sexologists name this the stop/start technique, but, actually, it is a technique of common sense. Very good to know is that it is better to stop earler than too late.


Second technique is THE BREATHING:
The profound and relaxed body breathing is very much important in controlling the arousal level and delaying the ejaculation. In yoga there are 3 types of breathing named by the place where the air fiils in: abdominal, thoracal, clavicular and they form the complete breathing. After the air fills all these 3 parts of the body, you need to stop the air inside for a few seconds and mentally redirect the energy up to your head.
Also, depending on the rythym of the breathing there are 2 methods of breathing:
rapidly breathing called breath of fire that helps disperse the energy;
slow breathing that helps control your sexual energy;
By practicing, you can realise which one works better for you.

The third technique is CONTRACTING THE PC MUSCLE:
The PC muscle it is known as the one that surrounds the prostate, the one your semen must pass during the ejaculation. It is one of the most precise technique because you learn how to squeese your prostate during contractile-phase orgasm. That means exactly the time when the involuntarily contractions appear.
The moment of NO RETURN lies between contraction and expulsion.

The last technique but not the least, in the contrary, the most important is SQUEEZING THE PENIS:
This method was originally descovered for men who suffered of premature ejaculation. You need to put the first two fingers on underside of the penis, place the thumb on the top of the penis and squeese. Also, you can just squeese either only your tip of the penis or just the base of it. Its effect is very much known as reducing the arousal and redirect the sperm inside than outside. Here is very importand to know that there is no danger in that, as some wrongly might think, that human body has the ability to transform the sperm that is being redirected inside your body into energy and used for different purposes, higher ones, fully aware of the plus energy, just like a rechared batery.
These kind of techniques can give the results depending on many factors: age, motivation, ability of the body to transform the sperm into energy, state of health, practice.