Erogenous areas – zodiac signs

Did you know that your largest erogenous zone is…your skin?
It has 18.000 square cm, and 1,5 million nerve endings, but some areas are more sensitive than others.
And did you know that your star sign says a lot about how you make love and how you like to be touched?
That is because an ancient science, astrology, says that the position of the planets at the time of your birth determined the foundations of your character. And even the scientists have reached the conclusion that the planets, the sun and the moon influence us more than we think they do!
From a tantric view, each part of the body is related to a constellation. That is because the human body and the human being is a miniature universe, and according to how you touch your lover, these areas of his or her body send impulses to the brain, which re-sends them to the genital organs as delightful sensations, which means that the brain is actually the most erogenous areas of them all!

So in this article we will tell you about the most erogenous zones of your body…or your lover’s body, according to your star signs, in order to please your lover and bring happiness, fullfilment and bondage to your relationship!


The head and face
If you want to conquer an Aries, try to play with his hair, massage his scalp using your fingers like a comb or stroking him. This can also relieve tiredness, tension and increase the blood flow which floods your lover’s body with dopamine and serotonine, the hormones of happiness.Ah, and…don’t forget the earlobes! Approach your lover’s ears, let him feel your warm breath and kiss them like you would kiss a rose petal.

The neck
Give your lover sweet moments of pampering by inviting him or her in a room full of scents, which these natives adore, and cover their eyes with a scarf, while caressing their neck in a tender way at first, and then more and more sensual. Do not forget the nape of the neck, use your imagination and gently bite them like a lion bites the lioness in their foreplay rituals.

The hands
If you gently touch the sides of the fingers, this will send shivers on the spine of your lover, and the palms are most sensitive to circular strokes. Remember that the hand is the most sensible part of the body? It can notice a distance of 1mm between two tips of a needle, while other areas can detect only distances of 15mm. So take care of your lover’s forearm by caressing it, down to the hands and spice things up a little by kissing his fingers and why not…playing with his thumb in your mouth?

The chest
The dwelling of all affective emotions, the chest and breasts provide intense sensations for a Cancer, both physically and emotionally. Start exploring his sensitivity by passing your hand near his chest, barely touching his skin, causing him to shiver. Be daring, play with her nipples, hold them between and index and middle finger and use the tip of your tongue to excite her.

The back
Always make a Leo feel like a king, and he will make you feel like a queen. Take your time to give him a full body massage, fully nude, focusing on his back, and don’t forget to surprise him by playing with your breasts on his back…down to his lower back…and up again to his nape…kiss him and use your nails from time to time and whisper sensual words into his ear. Who could resist to such an exquisite treatment?

The abdominal area
You can explore this area with delicate movements of your tongue, like wanting to draw something (like a heart) or by using your index and middle finger to make clockwise small circles around the navel. Try delighting your lover by taking him or her to the shower and gently touching with a rose-smelling soap and warm water, this might touch the Virgo’s weak point.

The lower back and buttocks
Either by holding your hand on your lover’s lower back while you are strolling on a romantic beach, either by giving her a naughty little spank in your intimate moments, always remember that a Libra’s pleasure is when you play with her buttocks and lower back, where certain nerves connect the spine and the genital area, giving waves of pleasure to your lover.

The genital organs
If you aim to find the hotspot of a Scorpio, then teasing and playing with his genital organs will certainly do the trick and lead him to extasy! The Scorpios are hypnotising, extremely erotic beings so approach them with mistery, awaken their lust through tease and challenge them. And if you don’t know how much passion you can stand, if you meet you Scorpio than you will find out what real, unforgettable eroticism is!

The thigs
Having a Sagittarius as a lover can be very fun because you won’t go through any hardships or drama next to them. Instead, they love games, they love pillow fights, being tickled and being best friends before getting into bed. And in the physical realm, their thigs is the area that makes them go crazy and wild, truly revealing their Sagittarius nature. Are you prepared for such an adventure?

The knees
Capricorns have their way of doing things, which means that before you even think about spending the night with them, them already had everything planned out. So why not help a Capricorn relax, feel safe (finally!) and leave his mind and thoughts, by arousing them slowly, gently, telling them words of love and showing your devotion by paying a special attention to their legs and knees? It is said that if you win his confidence, than he is devoted to you for good and will return your love and care like no one else.

The shanks
Here you have one of the most spontaneous star signs of them all. Prepare to make out and make love in all sorts of positions and moments and to be surprised. But if you want to really delight an Aquarius, play with their mind, give them some mental riddles to solve while you lower yourself onto their body lower…and lower…until you reach their legs! And use your intuition to find out what they would like in that very moment to receive. Should it be a slight, gentle scratch with the nails or a delicate rub ?

The feet
With Pisces, the sensitivity is all (well not all) but is in large degree focused in their feet. So if you give them a foot massage, you not only awaken their eroticism, but also can heal and provide nurturing through reflexology. You will see the signs of gratitude in the eyes of a Pisces if you touch their feet like no other, so cuddle them, look into their blissful eyes, and with a child-like playfulness, take their toe between your lips…kiss their feet…and then go up to the secret treasures that await both of you…

So we hope that your experience with pampering and discovering your lover’s pleasures will now be a very special one, an enlightening one, a great bondage and communion that will lead to your happiness and inner beatitude!