Advice for lingam enlargement

“The union of the man and woman is like the mating of Heaven and Earth. It is because of their correct mating that Heaven and Earth last forever. Humans have lost this secret and have therefore become mortal. By knowing this the Path to Immortality is opened”.

Whether you are interested on this subject because you are aware of the power of your magic wand, whether you wish to offer an unforgettable experience to the women that you adore, the sole fact that you are already reading this article is not by accident!

In the oriental erotic treaties, the penis is oftenly named by using poetical names, unlike the western point of view that is keen on using a most gross language. So let us call the penis the LINGAM (which means sign, or symbol), and I will also tell you some of the other transfigurative names that is has: The Jade Stalk, Mountain Crag, Crimson Bird, Unicorn, Jade Scepter, Weapon of Love, Tiger, Serpent, Warrior, Flute.

I know that to many of you men, his lingam of one of the most important things in the whole universe. So here are some advices from us, if you are struggling with the idea of enlarging your penis!
Altough the man’s body stops growing at around 24 years old, his lingam can still continue to grow afterwards. Scientific studies have shown that in the case of some men, their lingam continues to grow, even is slowly, until they die.
From an erotic point of view, the best shape is that of a mushroom, because it assures a great sexual stimulation and an excellent massage of the vagina and G point.

So we want to share eight natural ways of enlarging your Jade Scepter, that also do not cost anything and do not require you to buy any sofisticated concoctions from out there on the market. Besides this, anybody can practice them!

There is no doubt that some men have a larger lingam and some do not, but that is not an indicator of virility or of good lovemaking. Keep in mind that nowadays, because of the porn industry which presents men with very large and thick lingams, and women that like to be stimulated very deep and fast, people have the idea that a large lingam is a must in order to make a woman happy. Just think that some men do not have the opportunity of seeing other naked men around them very often, so they may come to the idea that what he sees in a porn movie is something average and may influence their self-confidence very much.

Westerners have given great importance to the physical size of the male genital organs. In this concern, the hindu sexual treaties have categorized the male sexual organs into three classes, according to their size, and recommend compatibility between the lingam and the yoni of the woman.

“The shape and hardness with which Nature has endowed a man are only external signs. What appears internally is the skill with thich he ensures that a woman derives enjoyment from his lovemaking. If a woman really cares for a man as he cares for her, then it is totally irrelevant whether his organ is long or short, thin or thick.”

You need to know that from a woman’s point of view, it is prefferable to enjoy a short, thin lingam that is firm and hard than a long, thick one that is more lazy, and sometimes those fast, brutal thrusts that we see in porn movies are undesirable for the majority of women, who prefer soft, tender movements.

1.A man’s vitality and stamina is…vital for a great sexual experience, sometimes more important than the size of the lingam.
So we will recommend some foods that can enlarge your penis:
Figs-are full of amino acids and help increase your libido (plus, they look like a Yoni!)
Almonds-are rich in fatty acids which increase male hormones and very helpful when performing penis exercises or using extenders
Bananas-increases libido, gives you a stronger erection and helps reduce impotence.
Maca, Ginseng-increase vitality and energy

2.Sexual continence involves a total awareness and control during lovemaking. This implies that the couple will experience complete union with the possibility of reaching many orgasms. This kind of love fusion does not end with ejaculation for men nor an explosive discharge of sexual fluids for women.

There actually is a quite close relationship between the sexual potential inside the body and the inner force of a man, as it’s known for a fact that all men with special inner force also dispose of strong sexual potential. This has been known for quite some time and been often practiced in secret. For there have been kings and leaders looking for charm and power; there have been courtesans and men after a sexual glory, trying to impress their lovers with their sexual performances. But there have been some others who wisely took the sexual power as a valuable secret for life harmonization.

These days, the famous star Sting admitted after some insistence that by sexual continence he may even make love to his wife for eight hours, having just a lunch break after four hours.

3.It is also said that a woman’s sexual secretions are yang, meaning that they have secret properties of enhancing a man’s virility, and a man should nurture his Weapon with them, taste them and worship her Yoni.

4.The lingam is made out of erectile tissue, composed from two corpora cavernosa next to each other and a corpus spongiosum (spongy muscle) between them. When a man is aroused, his brain releases a hormone that sends the blood towards the penis, filling in the erectile tissue, which is what determines the maximum size of the lingam.

A taoist exercise that can allow this apparently magical transformation:
1) Massage the lingam with your right hand, always from the base towards the head, with a milking movement. In this way, the blood is directed towards the head of the lingam, making its tissues stretch more and more.
2) Massage the body of the lingam until it becomes very hard (rock-like); then contract the muscles from the base of the lingam and maintain the contraction until it loses erection, afterwhich you start the massage over again; this exercise will lead to more firm erections.
3) After doing the previous two exercises for at least 7 minutes each, you relax on a chair, with your feet on the ground and your thighs apart. Holding your erect lingam from its base, balance it to the sides so that it alternatively touches each tigh. This exercise will fortify the head of the lingam, gradually bringing it to the mushroom shape.

5.Sometimes just thrusting away doesn’t lead to a great satisfaction. If you are wondering why, it is because you are present there only physically, and what actually provides the pleasure is the subtle exchange between the Yin and Yang energy, between energy and consciousness. So every one of us could become a little more aware when it comes to lovemaking. Be there fully and be considerate of your lover! Because men have the native inclination of focusing on one thing at a time, at least choose the most important thing to concentrate when you’re making love-the communion between you and your lover, your connection and bondage.

6.Playing orally can help you enlarge your lingam naturally by the fusion between the Yang energy from the woman’s head, which “heatens” your lingam. Suggest her to play in the ways in which you would like to be gently touched with her tongue, stroked with her lips, kissed or why not, play with some deep-throating?

7.Your lingam can heal, awake and give extasy to your lover, so please be aware of that and focus on how you make her feel understood, protected and loved! The more she feels open to you and safe, the more she will experience orgasms and pleasure. Women are much more emotional beings than men, which means that they focus on your whole being when you make love to them, your mind, soul and whole personality, not only on your lingam. So get to know yourself better, grow spiritually and develop your qualities as a man, this will lead to your lover become delighted about everything about you, not just your lingam!

8.Learn about sexuality, about how to pleasure a woman. For example, you can learn how to stimulate her in order to awaken all the types of orgams that a woman can have (g-spot, cervical, clitoridal, anal, urinary and many more!) with your lingam or with your mouth, or how to give her a yoni massage!

And an ending short story…
Taoist literature includes medicinal formulas for increasing the size of the male sexual organs. Wu Hsien, a Taoist master of the Han dynasty prescribes an interesting exercise:
In the morning, when the Yang force is increasing, the man should breath deeply forty-nine times, drawing the breath from his abdomen. Then he should rub his palms together until they are hot. Next he should hold his Weapon with his right hand, concentrate his mind, and with his left hand he should rub his navel, encircling it to the left for eighy-one rotations. He should than switch hands and encircle to the right for eighty-one times.

Remember to always care and be considerate of your partner, and in this way, the whole concern of the size of your lingam will cease to be significant!
Love is the doorway, the key and the freedom!