Acupressure points that stimulate virility

Small acupressure guide
Taoist treaties argue that there are 12 basic meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians, and each meridian corresponds to an organ and specific functions.
Over the course of 24 hours, the energy (CHI) passes once through all the meridians 12, for 2 hours each. How can you know when you found an acupressure point? Although they may be of different sizes (e.g. the points located on the ears have a few millimeters, and the ones on the sacral area can have a few centimeters), all acupressure points give the feeling of a depression or sunken part in the skin.

Traditionally, these points are like “ports” that can work with the energy flowing through meridians. Since the energy of the meridians circulate at a certain depth in the body at about 2-5 mm from the skin surface, acupressure points are also found at this depth. They are deeper on the trunk and “base” of the limbs becoming more superficial under the elbow and knee. Therefore, all meridians have a number of energy command points, each having a well-defined meaning.
When we stimulate such a point, the energy flow level modifies, depending on the effect of energizing or dispersion (sedation) that we apply.
The movement for energizing is counterclockwise and the movement for dispersion is clockwise.

About amplifiyng the sexual energy and potency through acupressure
In the view of the Taoist physiology, the state of potency or in other words, virility, depends on the overall health of the physical body and in particular, of the energetical state of the kidneys.
In the human being there is a network of interconnected subtle vital systems through which the life energy, or CHI, flows, of which even our sexuality depends. The body is capable of storing psycho-emotional energy in tg=he Kidneys. When the Kidney meridian is abundantly endowed with this “backup power” the functioning of the vital organs is smooth and strong.

The Kidney meridian
At a subtle level, an inner branch of the Kidney meridian runs through the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, going through the neck, towards the ears.
According to Chinese medicine, the Kidney meridian is responsible for maintaining and enhancing one’s overall vitality and sexual vitality.
The energy that supports the reproductive function derives from the Kidney meridian. Consequently, excess or on the opposite, a lack of sexual desire are symptoms of the energy circulating disharmoniously at this meridian.


Causes of diminishing potency
1. Losing erotic potential and sexual energy
If the sexual energy is wasted by frequent ejaculations, or if the sexual continence is not practiced perfectly, an excess of sexual activity will inevitably cause the reserves of sexual energy to diminish, generating states of partial impotence.

2.A unhealthy lifestyle
There is a whole series of negative habits particularly affecting the functioning of the kidneys that can drastically reduce virility. Among them we mention: chronic fatigue, white sugar consumption, lack of physical movement, consumption of genetically modified food that is artificial and devoid of nutrients.

3.Emotional issues
When intercourse is performed only for physical pleasure it will innately lead to dissatisfaction, frustration and affective issues. Often, people can get to face the serious problem of premature ejaculation, by not being able to exert even a minimal conscious control over sexual function, because of the tendency to immediately release the physical and mental tensions during the sexual act. The Kidney meridian is related to dependency and fear, and these states can directly affect sexual potency. So, reduced sexual force can be correlated to feelings of guilt, lack of self confidence and fear, or, at the opposite pole, with egocentrism.

4.Antidepressants or drugs against high blood pressure

5.Smoking, alcohol or drug abuse

6.Sexual diseases


Let’s cut to the subject
By stimulating bioenergetical points in the sacral area the sexual energy is amplified and and harmonized for both for men and woman, healing any reproductive dysfunctions.

Focal energy points that are on the Bladder meridian that through ENERGIZING may have beneficial effects in reviving sexual function and regaining potency are:
23 V, located 1.5 finger widths outside the spinal venule of the 2nd lumbar vertebra ;
24 V, 1.5 finger widths outside the spinous venule of the 3rd lumbar vertebra ;
29 V, located 1.5 thumb widths outside the sacral vertebra 3, on the sacroiliac joint
31 V, at the first sacral deppression, at 1 finger width outside the midline;
-V32, Located on the second sacral 1 finger width outside the midline;
-V33, Located on the third sacral depression, at about 1 finger width outside the midline;
-V34, Located on the fourth sacral depression, at about 1 finger width outside the midline;

Of these, points V31, V32, V33, V34 are recommended for eliminating sexual diseases and increasing immunity at this level.

-S30 (Stomach 30) placed on the Stomach meridian, located five finger widths lateral to the former midline, when massaged counterclockwise increases potency and impotence even eliminated, making an erection to easily occur.

In the absence of sexual pleasure, practice acupressure at least twice a week by energizing the following bioenergetical points:
-VC5 (Conception Vessel 5) which it is located on the Conception Vessel meridian, located two finger widths below the navel
-VC6, Located 1.5 finger widths below the navel;
-VC7 Located 1 finger width below the navel;
-F8 (Live 8) point that is located on the Liver meridian and is located on the internal fold knee flexion zone;
-R 3 (Kidney 3) item on the Kidney meridian, located between the pit of internal malleolus and Achilles tendon (the tendon that secures the twins muscles and calf muscle to the heel bone)
-R 7 (Kidney 7) located two finger widths above R3.


Now that you have learned some secrets about amplifying potency from ancient traditions, it’s time for putting things into practice! Don’t forget that concentration and insight are key elements. For full success of this technique, we recommend practicing accupressure at least twice a week. Remember that inner confidence and relaxation will contribute greatly to the rapid effects!