Tantric massage and what makes it different

Nowadays, Tantra is a concept that is commonly known, especially among the westerners. But is it actually understood and perceived in its essence? Or is it just a catchy word that makes your imagination fly away to all sorts of excentric things. But, to be honest, Tantra offers more like a vision of enlightenment and transcendence, highly unlike the other spiritual paths because the way to spirituality goes consciously through the heart of the being.
So the difference between a Tantric massage and a regular massage is analogically like the difference between Tantric lovemaking and the common way of lovemaking.

What actually happens
In the Tantric view, the erotic act is not restricted to intercourse, which means that the whole body can become an erogenous zone. You will discover that there are more ways to have sensual experiences, that are also very refined and will make your consciousness expand. It is important to understand that the orgasm can be separated from ejaculation. Therefore, this is the way in which you can experience an orgasm that triggers extraordinary states of spirit. The erotic act becomes a way of playing with the whole body, unrestricted by the purpose of ejaculating. Besides the genital parts, the body offers extraordinary sensations that are unsuspected when stroked and stimulated with tenderness and awareness.

_COS6415So instead of being centered in the genital area, you become more sensitive to all the wonderful parts of your body and enjoy each touch of the tantric massage. Your enjoy the journey instead of just focusing on reaching the destination.
Why tantric massage instead of an average massage
Tantric massage can be blissful, can awaken your senses and because of its complexity, can expand your consciousness to unsuspected levels.All this can lead to fundamental transformations in your being and a change of your perspective on life. Just think of all this and take a second to compare a tantric massage to a common massage that is linear and does not follow a higher purpose than to awaken pleasure and only pleasure, but not the elevated pleasure that is enlightening, instead it revolves around the pleasure that is indulging, sterile and that leaves you with a sense of emptiness.
What do you choose?
I challenge you to test the tantric massage, be it simple or with two masseuses (which can be a delightful adventure) or even a couple massage, which is very intimate and tender. After that, tell us what you think! Most probably you won’t at sexuality with the same eyes again!