Man and sexual energy

Sexual energy is a force field generated inside the body and found in close interaction with large magnetic fields, processes and phenomena from the universe based by resonance interactions that no science can explain even today. But there is no reason for a human being to wait 500 years that science will answer these questions about sexuality, since it can experience its own specific manifestation of sexual energy field and draw their own conclusions here.
Sexuality is considered an important branch of traditional Oriental medicine. A Taoist doctor may prescribe a course of seven days of sexual intercourse therapy using certain erotic postures. So before you call a family doctor, we’d better go and see a Taoist doctor, because it is possible that the disease we have to be solved in a very pleasant way. Human love expressed through functions of sexuality was ranked as the most effective drug that can be administered in case of any disease. Because he turns to his own body (recycle) the flow of vital energy.


In a relationship, when imbalance energy is very strong, there is a rupture without two lovers because of its deep understanding. Porn press, masturbation and other sexual disorders can disrupt active sexual energy in the human body because it stimulates the growth of male type of energy (Yang) inside the body, without being polarized by female energy (yin). This produces a hormone, energetically and mentally imbalance,
Raw sexual energy in physical form is found in sperm at men and at women in sexual fluids. This energy has the ability to regenerate the entire body if it’s used properly by practicing sexual continence. For men, sperm is his essence. But if this energy is lost simply by ejaculation again and again, all this male essence and power is lost in time.
When a man feels the sensation of sexual awakening, this energy expansion occurs at an unusual level. The entire body is suddenly loaded with a new vibration and tumult of passion and desire. This thing happens to every man when he feels erotic attraction to a woman, because millions of sperm cells begin to vibrate and generate a much enhanced sexual energy field. This happens spontaneously with nature in spring when trees having the sap.
Sperm, with its power to fertilize and create a new life, is kept in the male genitals.

Sexual energy is actually energy that nourishes the body day and night without ceasing. The transformation is done consciously and partly unconsciously. Like breathing, keep in the sources of energy, without being aware of it. When we are aware of our own energy and control them and work with them in a beneficial way, we can say that we help the body to regenerate and feed himself.
When this sexual energy is balanced in the male body through sexual intercourse, through meditation and through proper nutrition, the mind is purified of old traumas. This method is a tool for auto therapy, extremely powerful and efficient.

On average, a man consumes about 1/3 of life to produce sperm, from 20 to 40% of the vital energy assimilated through food, air and sunlight. Why the body consumes that much to produce millions of sperm cells and they are coordinate with the hormonal system so sophisticated? Because this process is to push our evolution. The greatest achievement of man is to transform sexual energy reserve in psychosocial mental vital energy that ensures a rapid evolution from this point of view and a great health. Normally, the sexual act is accompanied by ejaculation, when the seminal fluid is lost. Immediately after the body strives to replace this fluid and thus start consuming excess vital and sexual energy. Sexual glands receive these materials in the bloodstream. In turn, blood collects all this elements required from each part of the body. Thus, each organ hardly pays for this sperm replacement in the male body. A drop of semen contains an enormous stamina and vitality and by repeated ejaculation, hastens the inevitable mental decline and the aging process. Sexual continence is the method by which this cycle reverses and it is stopped the process of decay.

A man, who controls the energy of the body, will have so much sexual activity transformed and will realize that his life begins to change, even to a deep level. Practicing this method a man can love more, without feeling a bodily exhaustion. Also a man would make love more often because erotic attraction will refine. The man who will make love in this way will discover amazing effects at psycho, mental and emotional levels which for couples will have a tremendous positive impact.