Tantra massage – beyond relaxation


About Tantra – feeling the divine energy

Tantra is practiced since thousands of years ago and is linked to the worship of Indian goddesses Shiva and Shakti. Tantra is a philosophy that considers creation to be an act of love. Tantra is basically a type of yoga whose purpose is to feel through the physical body the divine energy to transform oneself.

The Sanskrit word Tantra is related to the concept of expansion, exit and weaving. We weave the threads of our nature into a unified whole. Tantra adopts the approach that not only should not reject one’s body and desires, but even embrace them on the path of enlightenment. As a life-embracing philosophy, Tantra consists of various practices, including spirituality, love, sexual union and social life, in order to achieve one’s spiritual aspirations.

What is Tantra massage exactly?

Tantra massage is the transformation of vital energy into all its permutations, with the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment. Contrary to the popular belief in the Western world, Tantra does not advocate uninhibited sex. Tantra massage practices generate sexual energy and purify the energetic body. Tantra can be defined as the path that leads to liberation.

Tantra massage is a sensory experience of shared communion allowing openness to the feelings of all the senses. It is a dance-like massage that awakens the sensuality and sexuality of the body through the exacerbation of the senses. Tantra massage increases vital forces by circulating body energies including sensory and sexual energy that has a powerful relaxing effect on the body.

More than just relaxation of the body

The practice of Tantra, including Tantra Massage, is based on the search of relaxation, the rebalancing of energy centers (chakras), and the attainment of sacred orgasmic ecstasy. Tantra massage is done in a gentle way, with light effleurage of the body and light kneading thus creating vibrations and sensual thrills of the body. There is a transcendent, sensual and spiritual aspect to this type of massage. The touch in the Tantra concept is important because it transmits energies between the bodies. Tantra massage is a massage that is practiced in total nudity to allow this transfer of energies.

Two people, a professional masseuse and the client, share the energy of the body, without having any judgment on the sensual, using it even to go towards a greater understanding of everything. Gentle, slow and deep breathing helps to increase body awareness and allows you to reach an “out of mind control” state. Tantra massage is also an energizing massage that uses absolutely all parts of the body and integrates them into large movements of connections. It is a massage of knowledge of your own body but also a moment of escape! In a professional Tantra massage salon, Tantra massage is done in an environment of calm and letting go, in a meditative atmosphere (low light, candles, incense, tantric ritual sounds called “cosmic sounds”).

All of this allows mental and physical rebalancing. It allows you to go beyond relaxation, beyond “the present moment” and feel for a moment in “the afterlife”.