Thai massage: technique, benefits and contraindications

  Thai massage is based on compression and acupressure movements, releasing stagnant energy and promoting the elimination of toxins. Little history Thai massage dates back at least 2500 years ago. Legend has it that the founder of this art is Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, who learned the technique from the populations visited during his ... More

Ayurvedic massage, an ancient massage technique

  Ayurvedic massage was born in India, more then 5000 years ago, a holistic technique to restore balance between mind and body, especially to stimulate the energy centers of the body, the chakras. Ayurvedic medicine has the purpose of achieving the perfect harmony between the psychic and the body. Ayurveda, the science of a long ... More

Benefits of massage, proven through scientific studies

  Did you know that massage is probably the oldest and simplest form of healthcare? It is mentioned in ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian texts and is described in Egyptian tomb paintings. It has been scientifically proven that massage is an effective treatment for fatigue, chronic back pain, frequent headaches, postoperative ... More

Steps for a perfect Tantra massage in Bucharest

Entering the world of massages may bring joys and delights never met before. And we are not speaking of simple and very common massages, therapeutically or relaxation massages, but we are referring at the best that this world of massages can offer: the tantric massages are the ones that include the biggest variety of sensations and pleasures, ... More


Tantra massage in Bucharest – a blissful experience

Among lots of forms of entertainment in Bucharest, there are some that stand off clearly and make quit an impression. In their search for fun, people often choose what they feel fits better with their interests, but, sometimes, new forms of fun, of entertainment or even more then this come along to be experienced. They often surprise the one ... More

Yoga massage for body and mind

  A massage session reduces stress and gives you positive energy Practiced regularly, Yoga massage improves flexibility in a significant manner, movement problems, gradually reducing long-standing pain. This massage covers the whole body. This gentle and progressive stretching sequence is very complex and can be considered as ... More

What is Tantra Massage good for?

  Receiving a Tantra massage allows you to achieve the right balance between mind and body Any rigidity in the physical body and mental attitude hinders the flow of energy. With the passage of time this blockage causes the acceleration of the aging process, the onset of various types of physical and emotional diseases ranging from ... More

What is Tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a very ancient Indian practice that, through light and circular touches, stimulates the knowledge of oneself, of the other and leads to a state of well-being that is at the same time union and liberation. Origin of  Tantra massage The word "tantra" originates from Sanskrit and means "frame", "warp", with meanings that ... More

Yoga massage, relaxation and fluidity

  What is Yoga Massage? It is an ancient Asian therapy practiced in Thailand. Its origin dates back over 2500 years, and it is mentioned in many ancient writings that it was practiced by wise doctors in the mountains of India. Its essence is very close to that of Yoga, restoring fluidity in the body, relaxing and calming the mind ... More

Deep relaxation and a new sensuality through Tantra massage

  The science of Tantra and Tantra massage The term "tantra" originates from Sanskrit and signifies the "connection" or the physical and spiritual union of a person and its harmonization with the whole universe. Tantric practices unify the contradictory aspects of the self (masculine and feminine, spirit and physical, dark and ... More