Secrets of female orgasm

Men often say they do not know much about women. But if they learn about women from several points of view, this response would be more in their favor. Woman has been endowed by nature with erotic experiences that depend on man during sex. So the man has an important role in the overall satisfaction of a woman in bed and needs to know some ... More

Man and sexual energy

Sexual energy is a force field generated inside the body and found in close interaction with large magnetic fields, processes and phenomena from the universe based by resonance interactions that no science can explain even today. But there is no reason for a human being to wait 500 years that science will answer these questions about sexual... More

Sexual transmutation- new perspective on sexuality

The powerful energy resource of the human body, many scientists already confirm it, it is the sexual potential. It was found that about a third of the vital energy we extract from food, air and sunlight is used to produce sexual fluids (semen in men, sexual secretions for women). Each can prove this truth, when it loses a part of it. Thus, ... More

Path of Tantra – Sexual Continence

Tantra teaches us that sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies of the human being. When it is made with a deep and sincere love, this fusion is a thousand times more intense. But to benefit from these colossal energies, we need tools to control them. The most important method of oriental tantrism is Sexual Continence. What is ... More

Tantra massage – a way of self-knowledge

Tantric massage involves a combination of loving touches that nourish both body and senses as while waking up life energy known as sexual energy. This awakening of sexual energy through tantric massage is always done gradually and consciously directed. Why gradually and consciously? Because the gradual awakening makes erotic potential to be ... More

What is the erotic Tantric massage? 

The erotic Tantric massage is based on the need for  physical touch and interaction at all levels  of the human being: physical, social, affectiv-emotional, mental-intellectual. In the Tantric tradition there are 3 categories of  divine centers of the human body called tan t'ien, such as: - inferior tan t'ien, placed in the pelvic area of ... More

Can massage cure impotence?

Sexual impotence is a man’s incapacity to maintain a healthy errection. For most men, sexual impotence represents a real drama that can change their course of life and not in a good way. In time, such sexual malfunction can affect the heart, the spleen, the liver and the kidneys. The main cause of this reccuring trouble is the prostate, ... More

Erotic massage – limited or unlimited experience ?

Nowadays, in Bucharest, we are surrounded by hundreds of facilities that offer erotic massage services. One obvious question may arise in the mind of the erotic massage consumer, at least the ones in Bucharest: Is erotic massage limited to the ordinary blow-job or to other more sophisticated erotic service that eventually revolve around the ... More

The 5 energies that can sustain a strong and stable erection

The sexual wisdom and love in TAO influence about 5 types of energy that are necessary to produce a powerful erection and a long lasting angle of erection; these kinds of energies are the main components of the sexual health of a man; if one of them is missing, the sexual male function will suffer disorder and that will affect the entire ... More

Erection angle in Tao tradition

Erection angle reflected in the palm TAO tradition masters have discovered the strong links beetween the erection angle, age, signs, internal organs and the non-ejaculation principle: 1.Between 15-20 years old, a man's erection angle is 45-60 degrees, in the TIger sign and it streigthens the lungs, the brachial tubes and the lymph glande ... More